Current Events /  DavidAllenNeron /  02 March 2016 /  490 views
Brian Lilley asks: Heard about the global warming study published in the journal Nature authored and agreed upon by major backers of global warming? Probably not if you rely on mainstream media. The study finds, as the United Nation’s own IPCC did back in 2013, global warming kinda stopped in 1998. If you agree the issue deserves more study and a pause, sign our petition at Tell our government to slow down, review the science and stop spending billions on a problem that may not be happening. MORE PETITION: With new scientific evidence supporting the United Nations claim that there has been a hiatus in global warming, we the undersigned demand that the global push by governments in this country and around the world to radically alter our economy and spend billions on global warming projects be halted. To sign, go to:

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