Ancient Religions /  DavidAllenNeron /  26 February 2016 /  167 views
Ophiolatreia is the study of serpent worship and many people are surprised to discover that it once existed in every corner of the globe. Philip Gardiner is a leading authority on the worship of the serpent with books and films such as Secrets of the Serpent and Gnosis dealing with the subject in many ways. In this unique and thought provoking film, Gardiner expounds upon the reasons for serpent worship, past and present, and provides remarkable evidence for an ancient and worldwide annihilation of its practices. From the use of snake venom as an elixir of life to the links with all our modern religions, we discover the real history of our religious past. Serpent Worship helps us to explain so many things: The Holy Grail Altered states of consciousness The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and the hero The elixir of life Directed by filmmaker, Tim Cowles, this incredible documentary is a must for all seekers of truth, wisdom and our religious history.

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