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Genesis 6 Conspiracy: Nephilm (Giants) Plan to enslave Mankind :NOWYOUSEETV In this video we are with Gary Wayne. With over 30 years of research he concludes his book Genesis 6 Conspiracy ( Secret societies and the descendants of giants plan to enslave humankind. Here are a few things we talk about and the chapters of his book.. Chapter 1. Heroes of Old Chapter 2. The Daughters of Cain Chapter 3: The Sons Of God Chapter 4: The Giants Of Antiquity Chapter 5: The Schism Of Antediluvian Freemasonry Chapter 6: Enoch And Hermes Chapter 7: Enoch The Evil Chapter 8: Royal Bloodlines Chapter 9: Antediluvian Masonry And The Seven Sacred Sciences Chapter 10: Enochian Mysticism Chapter 11: The Great Deluge Chapter 12: Azazel: Leader Of The Watchers Chapter 13: Lucifer’s Revenge Chapter 14: The Black Heads Chapter 15: Isis, Ishtar, Gaea, And Ninkhursag Chapter 16: The Great World Myth Chapter 17: Atlantis Chapter 18: Zep Tepi: The First Time Chapter 19: Echoes From Atlantis, Sumer, And Mu Chapter 20: The Seven Sages Of Atlantis Chapter 21: The Epic Of Gilgamesh Chapter 22: Deucallion, Manu, Seth Chapter 23: The Rephaites And Amorites Chapter 24: Sodom And Gomorrah Chapter 25: The Amalekites Chapter 26: Jethro And Caleb Chapter 28: The People Of The Plain Chapter 29: The Tower At Babel Chapter 30: The Original Great White Brotherhood Chapter 31: Forging The Nation of Destiny Chapter 32: The Nephilim Wars Chapter 33: The Holy Covenant Chapter 34: Jericho Chapter 35: Curse Of The Amalekites Chapter 36: King Saul And David Chapter 37: David And Goliath Chapter 38: The Avvites Chapter 39: Nothing New Under The Sun Chapter 40: The New Man Chapter 41: The New Age Of Aquarius Chapter 42: The Sign Of Noah Chapter 43: The Godless Generation Chapter 44: Babylon City Chapter 45: Reflections from Within The Third Reich Chapter 46: The False Prophet Chapter 47: The Disciples Of Light Chapter 48: The Aline Phenomena Chapter 49: The Mother Of All Sorceries Chapter 50: The Spirit Of The Antichrist, The Beast Chapter 51: The New Nimrod Chapter 52: The Rapture Tragedy Chapter 53: Adonai Chapter 54: The Jerusalem Church Chapter 55: Sex, Lies, And Fairy Tales Chapter 56: The Knights Templar Chapter 57: The Priory Of Sion Chapter 58: The Sinclairs Chapter 59: St. Bernarard And The Bendictine Monks Chapter 60: The Invisible College Chapter 61: Legends Of The Holy Grail Chapter 62: Joseph Of Arimathea Chapter 63: Scota And Temat Chapter 64: The Kings Of Camelot Chapter 65: The Merovingians Chapter 66: The Trojans Chapter 67: The House Of Stuart Chapter 68: Guardians Of The Antichrist Chapter 69: Novus Ordo Seclorum Chapter 70: Inside Freemasonry Chapter 71: The Thirty-Third Degree Chapter 72: The Rothscild-Rockefeller-Morgan Axis Chapter 73: Secret Societies And The New Age Of Atlantis Chapter 74: The Illuminati Chapter 75: Global Gnosticism Chapter 76: A Thousand Points Of Light Chapter 77: The Rosicrucians Chapter 78: The New Age Millennium Chapter 79: The Fairy Kingdoms Chapter 80: Ordo Draconis Chapter 81: Serpents And Dragons Chapter 82: Leviathan Chapter 83: The Bull Cult of Melchizedek Chapter 84: The Essenes Chapter 85: Moses, Akhenaten, And The Armana Dynasty Chapter 86: Joseph Chapter 87: Abraham, Esau, And Ishmael Chapter 88: The Kings Of Nimrod And Ham Chapter 89: Ham And Japheth Chapter 90: The Blood Drinking Kings of Kish Chapter 91: The Antediluvian Dragon Court Chapter 92: Adam And Cain Chapter 93: Lilith Chapter 94: The Grail Cauldron Of Fairies, Annwyn, And Atlantis Chapter 95: The Fairy Lords Of The Tuatha Denaan Chapter 96: The Royal House Of The Scythians Chapter 97: The Antediluvian Testimony Chapter 98: The Khem Of Mendes Buy his book

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