Drugs / Entheogens / Medicine /  DavidAllenNeron /  26 February 2016 /  305 views
The use of entheogens across widely separated cultures and throughout time is best understood when approached through the lens of the psychology and history of religions. That is to say that the entheogens are a properly religious subject and cannot be adequately understood when reduced to purely physical sciences such as chemistry and biology. In my presentation I would like to enter the labyrinth of truly religious elements in traditional entheogenic practices and demonstrate how the forms and customs associated with sacred plants, animals and fungi are framed by unique combinations of the same structures of myth, logics, moral law and social affection that are the building blocks of all religious systems. Bio: Des Tramacchi holds a PhD in Religious Studies specialising in entheogens. He has a deep interest in trance and altered states of consciousness, shamanism and other wisdom traditions. He is a keen student of ethnobotany and has trained in both biology and anthropology.

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