"Opinions" everyone has one ... DavidAllenNeron.help is my attempt to wade through the BS floating around the turd bowl (internet) and help establish a clearer view on the BS from my opinion/perspective.

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Covering the latest trends, concepts and theories floating around the net.
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Watching multitudes of documentaries and distilling information into usable, easy to follow arguments.
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Digging into the most popular and some of the lesser known topics, I strive to bring some clarity.
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Things they don't want you to think about, or maybe a certain perception "they" might not want you to entertain.
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New Content!

I'm revamping the whole article section and moving to my own original content.

Starting soon I'll be adding new content as I come up with it and as time allows.
The article categories will be a mirror of the video categories to help keep things streamlined.
I will also be regularly adding more unique and interesting videos to the video section and writing accompanying articles with my thoughts.

I'm also working on my other website which will buddy up with this website in its own specific niche; Hypnosis @ HypnoJunkie.com

So stay tuned for more original content.

P.S. I thought of deleting all of the old articles that were aggregated but I decided to leave them where they are as a reference point for me.
So no, I am not the author of the aggregated material, all rights are reserved to the original sources.

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From different perspectives that we've developed, we derive different perceptions. The more our beliefs are embedded, the more difficult it is for us to perceive anything differently. Perspectives are quite tough to change. All I can ever do is provide my perspective.

My Background & Interests

You'll probably notice common themes in my articles, books & videos; this is due to my background and interests, some of which include: